Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Candy Alert

Whether this account is true or overblown, you may wish to avoid candies and food products containing powdered milk, especially for children who are so much more vulnerable than adults. Twenty million pounds of Chinese milk powder were imported into the US this year. Tens of thousands of Chinese infants were sickened and many died after consuming Chinese infant formula containing powdered milk, which was contaminated with toxic melamine. The US is the only importing country that has not recalled products containing Chinese milk powder. Watch the video for more details. Let your friends with children know so they can make informed decisions.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

After 4 Years of W, Looking Forward to The Big O!

You know how presidents always get nicknames that can fit into headlines more easily than their real names, like FDR, "Ike," JFK, LBJ? (Nixon was short enough on its own -- as was he.)

And now the current occupant is called "W." Wouldn't it be great if when Obama is president, he's called "The Big O?"

I'm looking forward to the Big O! Aren't you?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

I'm going to buy an American flag for my car, and fly it when Obama wins. I'm encouraging all Dems to do the same!

'Cause I want my country back! And when Obama wins, I'm gonna get it back!

Tired tonight . . . but I look wonderful. I wish I had a webcam so you could see me. That must account for my tiredness. It takes a lot of effort to look this good! Ha!

Love you, Possums!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do you know the truth about ACORN?

The Republican voter suppression machine is at it again. Find out the truth about ACORN on YouTube:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hallobamaweeen! Big Scare for Repuglicans! Boooo!

Let's face it, as I said from the start, Barack Hussein Obama is not only Electable, he's downright DElectible! And he was from the time he went as a pirate for Halloween at the age of eight! (See photo.)

But I fear that the job --- Leader of the Free World, President of the United States, Messiah, Savior, Son of the Living God and whatever else this kooky election year throws at him --- that job is a mankiller! (And that's without the threats of violence from the despicable fringe.) At the very least, men leave the White House looking like they've spent far more than four or eight years there.

So feast your eyes of the Beauty of Barack now -- because hopefully, in eight years, he'll look like he's just finished the toughest job in the world!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Preparing for the Inaugural Ball

OK, whoever Photoshopped this is an effing genius!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mea Maxima Culpa

So sorry; I have to come clean, I've been posting on Open Salon, and you should try it, too! If you like progressive, not to say liberal, commentary, wit, wisdom, and sometimes, the odd tear, try this mildly moderated blog.

So I've been neglecting the Love Laundry -- I am sorry.

Life has been pretty lifey lately, but today was great. I have had a crush on a certain mr. for several weeks now, and we've been running into each other at meetings pretty regularly (ok I've been "stalking" him), and chatting and laughing, and having a nice time. I think he likes me. I know I like him. So today, when he walked in and sat down right in front of me, I said, "Let me just ask you a question, just to get it out of the way. Do you have any interest in seeing me in a non-AA-meeting-related type of situation at all?"

He did! We exchanged numbers, and he invited me to breakfast!

So, girls, be bold. Go for it. You might get a free fried egg sandwich out of the deal!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Empress's New Hair

Sarah's wearing her hair down these days -- she's bringin' sexy back, don'tcha know?

I like this picture. I used to rock this look back when I was drinking. Close one eye and the room doesn't spin so fast!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Putin Rears His Head!

Taking a break from all the shit-slinging* coming out of the Taliban wing of the Republican Party (the McCain/Palin campaign) this week, we turn our attention to international affairs.

On that front, Russian manly-man Vladimir Putin is releasing a new, instructional JUDO video! Yes, kids -- learn moves like the "Sweeping Invasion" from the man whose eyes Dubya looked into, proclaiming him "good!" Well, yikes!

Just Google "Vladimir Judo" to learn more. Or visit the Daily News link here!

*Really, it's gone beyond mud-slinging, don't you think? I'd like to think that McCain and Palin are just encouraging the hate-filled hillbillies in their "base" to express themselves loudly at their campaign events so that the authorities can identify and surveil them, but I think that's really giving the lot of them way too much credit!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sick of Smears? Fight Back!

That's me. Looking sincere, I hope!

Visit for the truth behind the right-wing hatemongers' smears against Obama. I printed out a sign for my car, and here's some truth, I'm actually kind of afraid to post it here in good ole Nevada! I'll try and get my courage up and drive around with it when I go out later today -- I am just a little worried what state my car will be in after I park it somewhere with a NO SMEAR POLITICS/NO MCCAIN-PALIN sign in the window. I have the courage of my convictions - I just don't have the courage of my car insurance!

But TruthFightsBack has more than just posters for you to print out. It contains smear-by-smear refutations of the outrageous lies being spread against Obama by those who are morally bankrupt and swallowed by those who are willing to follow their own fears. Be the change you want to see in the world.


Helen O (I'm REALLY digging that O, now! Thanks, John O'Reilly, wherever you are!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Look, I Finally Got a Comment!

Look, there it is, down at the bottom of the Left Behind post! A comment! Quick, take a screenshot, before it scurries away, like Bigfoot!

Oh joy, oh rapture -- a comment of my own, at last!

Let's Make Sure McCain and Palin are LEFT BEHIND

I don't think I'll vote early. I prefer the idea of getting up on election day (November 4) and going to my polling place, standing in line, signing my name, and voting with millions of other Americans. And when I do this year, I hope I'll be joining Democrats in giving new meaning to the words "Left Behind," (title of the evangelical series of "novels" about the end of the world beloved of the Christian fundamentalists).

What I might do is volunteer to drive people without transportation to the polls. If I do, I'll let you know how that goes.

Let's make sure the Cadaverick and the Pit Bully are "Left Behind" on November 4!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

From Anderson Cooper 360

Before turning in this evening, I flipped over to CNN where on AC 360 (the blog), the posting was about Christian conservative women in Florida who love, love love Sarah Palin. The question: Do you identify with Sarah Palin as these Florida women say they do?

I posted the following, which, according to the CNN protocol, is presently being "moderated." So just in case my comments (which, of course, the world is awaiting with bated breath) get moderated right off the site, I reproduce them here:

The “grit,” “spunk,” or whatever-you-want-to-call it that Sarah Palin’s
supporters seem to find so appealling puts me in mind of the gritty, spunky
women you see on any episode of C.O.P.S., who emerge from their doublewides as
their husbands are being arrested to hurl invective at the very police officers
whom they themselves called because the brute was abusing them.

All that’s missing are the hair curlers, the dangling cigarette, and the bra strap emerging from the sleeve of the muu-muu.

She and her ilk make me sick. And every PTA and youth sports league has
its Sarah Palin.

I almost forgot; there is one way I can relate. I, too, have experienced the shame of unwanted facial hair at times.

I AM . . . THAT ONE!

Upon hearing,. but not quite believing, John McCain utter the words "that one" with reference to my man, Obama, I got on the computer right away and sent an order to Opportunity Village for 100 campaign buttons in red, white and blue with the words "I'm voting for That One" on them. I sent out an email and now have requests from as far away as the Canary Islands and as near as New York and Illinois! As soon as they're ready, I'll pick them up, put one on, and start handing them out and mailing them off!

It's like the ending of Spartacus: "I am Spartacus,"

"I am Spartacus."

"I am That One!"

Friday, October 3, 2008

Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin Consider Normal Name for Child

The teenage pregnant daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her boyfriend Levi Johnston are considering breaking with Palin tradition and giving their pre-born but still-very-much-a-person child a "normal" name.

"Thank God!" his mother, Sherry Johnston, said Thursday. Bristol Palin, 17, and Levi Johnston, 18, haven't set a wedding date yet, but expect to welcome their first child together in December. "I was so afraid I was gonna end up with a grandson named Clawhammer or SnowCat!" said the presumptive grandmother.

Johnston had reason to fear. Names rumored to have been on the young couple's list (written on a paper napkin and retrieved from a dumpster outside the Wasilla Dairy Queen) included "Kegger," "Crush," and "Optimus Prime."

Asked what sort of names she would prefer, the grandmother-to-be fell back on a now-familar Alaskan rhetorical tic; "Oh, all of 'em!" she said, but when pressed, narrowed the list of acceptable names to include "Kyler . . . and Asheleigh. But none of this 'Trig' and 'Track' crap."
In a bizarre offshoot of this story, for a brief moment the rumor spread that the young couple were to be doubly blessed and were expecting twins. Names circulating for a set of twins included a pairing intended to honor both Bristol's mother and her superannuated "running mate:" Twinkly and Wrinkly.

The child-to-be is single, but definitely heterosexual.